Turn Conditional Formatting On and Off


Simply put, there are two ways to turn Conditional formatting On and Off. The manual way will take you to the Home/Conditional Formatting/Manage Rules… window where you can delete the rules you want. But then there is an elegant way of doing this, that makes you look like an Excel Guru and that’s the one we will be learning here. We will achieve this with the use of Conditional Formatting. It’s funny and slightly “cannibalistic” since we will use Conditional Formatting to turn Conditional Formatting on and off, but it’s a very efficient and elegant way of doing this!

So here it is, the whole article will get you there in three stages. If you are already familiar with some just jump ahead to the part that interests you. The three parts will be:

  • Creating the Conditional Formatting rule, that we will turn on and off
  • Creating the rule with…

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